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In 2021 COVID becomes normalized, which means sporadic outbreaks will still impact on in-store retail. Nowadays retail brands and stores can no longer stay in comfort zone of previous business pattern but gradually develop into a situation of new business exploding. 


A variety of concepts such as digital intelligence, Gen-Z, private label, he/she economy, pet economy, maternal and child market, cross-border e-commerce, etc. keeps emerging , awaiting further exploration, implementation, and enhancement. Shop! Asia Awards Contest will be a great event that conforms to current retail trend and focuses on providing more pinpoint, more practical, and more consumer-centric solutions.


2021 is the year that the new format of the retail emerges, and it is also Shop! Asia Awards Contest to discover and excavate more excellent case studies. We are proud to announce the official start of the Shop! Asia Awards Contest and we sincerely invite your team to participate!







Awards Introduction

Shop! Awards Contest, originated in 1958, now becomes an annual retail industry event around the world. Inherited from POPAI Awards, the Awards Contest is the benchmark for marketing at retail and P-O-P (point-of-purchase) advertising/ display Industry. It recognizes worldwide excellence and rewards industry’s best practice in Marketing at Retail and p-o-p aodvertising/display.


With more than 100,000 products and projects participating globally, it is a testament of the sales capabilities of numerous retail corporates, as well as an enhancement of brand image and credibility.





In the international commercial display industry, sustainability and anti-pandemic have been predominant themes, which are led by western developed countries. China is the front runner of total sales of consumer goods in international society, so we could not stay behind.


To encourage domestic and foreign retail elite enterprises to devote themselves to sustainable development, anti-pandemic practices, and enhance their sense of social responsibility, this year's Shop! Asia Awards Contest will continue providing the awards category of "Sustainable Project " and " Anti-Pandemic Retail Excellence Awards”. Entrants can have FREE or 50%-off discount on one entry of either above categories.




Awards Categories

1  Supermarket, Grocery &   Convenience Store

(P, SP, T)

2 Department Store & Shopping Mall

(P, SP, T)

3 Cosmetics & Beauty(P, SP, T)

4 Toy, Sport & Fashion(P, SP, T)

5 Visual Merchandising & Scene Marketing(P, SP, T)

6 Shop Fitting & Design(P,SP)

7 Display & Fixtures(P,SP, T)

8 Pop-up Store, Shop-in-Shop & Kiosk(P, SP, T) 

9 Category Management (P, SP)

10 In-Store Promotion (T)

11 Cross-Over Retail (P, SP, T)

12 Shopper Marketing Campaign (T)

13 Online Campaign (T)

14 Sustainable Project (Long Term)

15 International Entries (P, SP, T)

16 Anti-Pandemic Retail Excellence Awards  (SP,T)



As long as your company does the following business

 Your company does the following business:

√ Retail brand

√ Retail stores and shopping malls

√ Retail display design and production

√ Retail service solution

√ Retail shop fitting and design

√ Retail technology

√ Retail brand advertising marketing planning


Welcome to the 2021 Shop! Asia Awards Contest 







Entry Fee *

Shop! Members: 

USD400 per entry

If you enter the category of " Sustainable Project" or " Anti-Pandemic Retail Excellence Awards ", you can enjoy the first entry for free and from the second entry it is USD400 per entry.



USD800 per entry

If you enter the category of " Sustainable Project" or " Anti-Pandemic Retail Excellence Awards " , you can enjoy USD400 for the first entry and from the second entry it is USD800 per entry.


For example,

Shop! members who submit an entry in the category of  " Sustainable Project" can participate for free!


* Please note:

1. For Shop! Members, submitting entries for both " Sustainable Project" or " Anti-Pandemic Retail Excellence Awards " categories, can have only one entry for free .

2. If you have would like to submit more than 10 entries, please contact Morena Luo,, P:+86 13450280029.

3. The final interpretation rests with Shop! Asia Association



How to Register?

Scroll down to the end of this article and Find out Shop! WeChat official account QR code. Scan It and follow. Copy-paste “零售奥斯卡” in dialogue screen of the official Wechat, send out and get the registration link and all the entry guidelines!




Awards Schedule



Start entering. 

There will be offline roadshows.


Entry deadline


Entry judging


Awards nomination


* The time and place of Awards ceremony are to be determined, and the Awards agenda may be adjusted due to COVID control.




We are looking forward to your participation in To Shop! Asia Awards! 


Together, let's explore the possibilities of new retail and discover new business opportunities!



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The official announcement of the 2021 Shop! Asia Awards Contest has been launched.